Gugushev & Partners Law Office has considerable experience in rendering legal services to public companies and investment intermediaries. We may provide you with advice on the legislative framework regulating capital markets as well as with full legal servicing of the activity of public companies – initial and secondary public offering of securities, warrants and other derivatives, corporate governance, preparation of prospectuses for public offering and admission to trading on a regulated market, organization of general meetings, etc. We assist our clients in their relations with the regulatory authorities, as well as in all matters relating to the procedural rules of the Public Offering of Securities Act and the statutory instruments for its application.

Our legal services include:

  • advising companies on the procedures for the registration of issues of securities for trading on a regulated market
  • preparation of prospectuses
  • corporate governance of public companies
  • representation before the Financial Supervision Commission, the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, the Central Depository, investment intermediaries
  • advisory in the implementation of notification and disclosure obligations to the Financial Supervision Commission
  • consultation in the management of majority shareholdings
  • advisory on the protection of minority shareholders in public companies
  • preparation of tender offers for offering securities
  • legal advice on projects for the financing of public companies, including raising funds through the issuance of equity or debt instruments
  • deregistration of a company from the register of public companies
  • advice regarding financial instruments transactions
  • consultation regarding the regulatory regime for obtaining an investment intermediary licence, acquisition of a qualifying holding in an investment intermediary, etc.

Our Experts in This Area

Stefan Gugushev

Founder and Managing Partner

Notable Clients & Projects

BMA Investment Group Inc., Hong Kong

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advises the biggest ever project done in Bulgarian history for issuance of warrants with an overall value of EUR 3,4 Billion (one of the largest deals of such type in EU). Learn more

Capital Concept Limited JSC

Gugushev & Partners Law Office consulted the client for the certification of multifunctional-entertainment complex „Saint Sofia“, valued to EUR 3,4 billion, with the highest-ranked class – Priority Investment Project. Learn more

Alpha Bulgaria JSC

Gugushev & Partners Law Office provides consultancy to the public company on any corporate and commercial matters, advises on any kind of transactions and its compliance with the regulatory requirements. Learn more