Gugushev & Partners Law Office is strongly engaged in projects in the field of energy, including projects related to the use of renewable energy sources, gas and mining. We have experience in preparing legal analyses for large energy projects and are familiar with the necessary comprehensive assessment on industry-specific issues, helping our clients successfully complete all stages of the project implementation process. We advise major international companies and leaders in the field of energy on the execution of their energy projects, including on the applicable licensing and permitting regimes, regulatory requirements, and day-to-day operations. 

Our legal services include: 

  • legal advice on the investment regime in the energy and renewable energy sector, including analysis of national laws and European regulations relating to the construction, accession and licensing of energy projects, as well as subsequent changes thereto
  • consultations regarding the preparation, management and control of the entire development process of an energy project
  • assistance in applicable procedures for issuing permits and licences for the production and trading of electricity and gas, for carrying out the activity as a coordinator of balancing groups, granting concessions
  • advice on project finance schemes and business structuring
  • representation in the negotiation and preparation of contracts for the acquisition of energy projects and enterprises
  • representation in public discussions, meetings and open meetings of the competent authorities, representation before the regulatory authorities and the government administration, including the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission, Electricity System Security Fund, Electricity System Operator EAD, electricity distribution companies, traders and electricity suppliers, balancing groups coordinators, energy and gas exchanges, etc.
  • assistance in settling the client’s relations with electricity companies for connection to the transmission and distribution grids, purchase of energy facilities and equipment, etc.
  • preparation of an action plan for issuing the necessary permits and licences (including risk analysis and assessment), assistance in the application for obtaining, extending or amending the necessary licences and permits (including representation to all supervisory authorities)
  • legal advice in the field of construction and acquisition of real estate for the purposes of development of power plants and electricity transmission/distribution grid, connection, decommissioning, financing structures, electricity purchase agreements, etc. We propose solutions based on the specific requirements of the client for the structuring and functioning of the new energy business, including the corporate aspects of its governance
  • consultancy on environmental issues ranging from conventional pollution and environmental protection to climate change and associated carbon capture and storage requirements, the handling of hazardous and radioactive materials

Our Experts in This Area

Stefan Gugushev

Founder and Managing Partner

Mihaela Dimitrova

Senior Associate

Notable Clients & Projects

Hareon Solar Technology Co. Ltd.

Gugushev & Partners Law Office is acting as the legal adviser of one of the largest producers of silicon wafers in China, offering a fully integrated production chain of PV components, at local and international level. Learn more

Alpiq Holding

Gugushev & Partners advised Alpiq Holding, one of the leading energy companies in Switzerland and the largest energy services provider in Europe, on the acquisition of two wind power plants in Bulgaria with a total capacity of 72,50 MW. Learn more

Novenergia II Energy & Environment (SCA) SICAR

Gugushev & Partners Law Office is acting as a legal advisor of Novenergia II Energy & Environment (SCA) SICAR, a European investment fund, consisting of six subsidiaries with total capacity over 300 MW. Learn more

Elsewedy Electric S.A.E

Gugushev & Partners Law Office is advising the Egyptian company, providing complete and integrated energy solutions, on the acquisition of a majority stake from Bulgarian company developing a wind power plant project. Learn more

ZMM Solar Ltd., Bulgaria

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advised the client, owner of three photovoltaic plants, on various matters related to the energy regulatory framework and has represented the company before the electric distribution companies. Learn more

Projest Group Ltd.

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advised the Bulgarian company affiliated to the Italian consultancy company Projest Group International, on the conditions for connection of a power plant with indirect use of biomass from plant waste. Learn more

Urbasolar SAS

Gugushev & Partners Law Office consulted the French company investing in photovoltaic power plants on the acquisition of a Bulgarian company developing a solar energy project. Learn more

El Bonus

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advises the client on a daily basis in connection to various matters in the field of corporate and commercial law, banking & finance, tax, energy law, employment law, contractual law and others. Learn more


Gugushev & Partners Law Office provided legal advisory to the client in relation to the deal with OMV in Vienna for participation in Nabucco Pipeline Project for transportation of gas from the Bulgarian-Turkish border to Austria. Learn more

Kunino Energy AD, Bulgaria

Gugushev & Partners Law Office advises the company with respect to the operation of hydropower plant Kunino with a total installed capacity of 4410 KW, located on Iskar River. Learn more