On September 28, 2020, Gugushev & Partners Law Office became one of the first members of the Diversity Charter in Bulgaria. The event is of special importance for us because it brings the goals that have been leading our social responsibility policy since the establishment of the company, on an official level - as a priority for the responsible business in Bulgaria.

As a company committed to the protection and development of the rule of law and civil society in Bulgaria, we at Gugushev & Partners Law Office believe that achieving the national priorities of zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and maximum tolerance for the individual needs of each employee, depends not only on state regulation but also on the proactive strategy of each responsible employer. Following the spirit of modern international standards and strategic documents on a national and international level, we have been working for more than a decade to expand the opportunities for the professional development of our employees by appreciating their diverse talents as added value and competitive advantage. We hope that the adoption of the Charter in Bulgaria will establish its values as professional standards for more companies and will bring us a step closer to the ideal embodied in the EU motto "United in Diversity".