What are the symbols of law that your city boasts? ????️

The historical path of Bulgarian law hides in many small details, that we could easily miss. We pass them by on our way to work, during the Saturday walks in the park, at our favorite meeting spots - such as the stairs in front of the Sofia University. Some could say law lives and breaths all around the city, having a life of its own. 

Can you tell - simply from memory - what the facade of the Sofia Courthouse looks like? Where can you find a rare legal book? Who are the jurists who have deserved monuments built in their honour at important sites around the city?

We, at Gugushev & Partners Law Officeimplement our country's legislation on a daily basis, and would be delighted to support you and your business in navigating through it. We know that, while the legal principles remain constant and impartial, the stories behind them are full of challenges, human destiny, and memorable events. 

Thus we wanted to share some urban details that tell stories of the vibrating path of Bulgarian law. 

???? Once again this year, art is our accomplice - this time around, through the lens of photographers Ekaterina Kalugina and Ivan Shishiev. We are sure you have already seen our Capital city through their eyes as they are the authors and the photographers behind the project known as Sketches of Sofia - the biggest Bulgarian Facebook page for street photography.

Their strong instinct for seemingly minor details helped us create The Sketches of Law Notebook - bringing a pinch of inspiration to anyone fascinated by memorable stories about law and justice.  

Some of these stories you might already know. The heavy volumes in the Law Library at of Sofia University, the statues on the facade of the Sofia Courthouse, Aleko Konstantinov standing on one of the busiest streets in Sofia...

The sketches of law and its stories live on the streets and in the buildings of every Bulgarian city or town. Let us notice and share them!

???? The complete edition of The Sketches of Law Notebook ofGugushev & Partners Law Office containing the beautiful urban photos by Ivan Shishiev and Ekaterina Kalugina is coming soon!