Gugushev & Partners Law Office provides advisory services on insolvency issues, creditors’ rights and the recovery of claims in the course of insolvency proceedings. Our aim is to implement rights and to protect the client’s interests in the most efficient and reliable way. We support our clients in all phases of bankruptcy proceedings, regardless of whether the client is a debtor, a creditor or another affected party. Our bankruptcy practice also includes lawyers specializing in other areas of law relevant to insolvency proceedings, such as property, employment and tax law, as good results in bankruptcy proceedings require comprehensive knowledge.

Our legal services include:

  • analysis of the legal and financial status of the debtor related to possible insolvency or over-indebtedness and the prerequisites for bankruptcy
  • consultations on the rights and obligations of creditors and debtors before and during bankruptcy proceedings
  • preparation and submission of applications for the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings
  • representation in bankruptcy proceedings, including representation in creditors’ meetings and creditors’ committees, appealing of court acts, etc.
  • filing of claims, and objections against accepted (not accepted) claims; requests for declaratory court decisions
  • initiation and court representation in cases of cancellation of debtor’s actions and transactions and revocation claims detrimental to creditors’ interests
  • assistance and coordination in the work with bankruptcy trustees, asset sales
  • consultations and preparation of reorganization plans and out-of-court agreements

Our Experts in This Area

Notable Clients & Projects

MRI Construction Ireland Ltd.

Gugushev & Partners Law Office acted as a general counsel of the Irish construction company on the acquisition of land and the further sale on EUR 23 million project financing. Learn more


Gugushev & Partners Law Office provided court and out-of-court representation to the client in many different cases related to payments due under assignment agreement and compensations for late performance; also insolvency procedure against its debtor; Learn more

Korelana Ltd.

Gugushev & Partners Law Office represents the client in two parallel highly complex court procedures in its capacity as a secured creditor of an insolvent debtor. Learn more